Classified ad publication charter

1.Type of advertiser - professional or non-professional

To submit a classified ad on the Agriaffaires, MachineryZone and Truckscorner sites and create an account, you must complete the appropriate form and fill in certain details, your activity in particular.

Depending on the nature of your activity, you will be assimilated to a professional or non-professional category.

A professional advertiser is a professional, holder of an account, specialising in the sale and/or rental of equipment/vehicles (e.g. dealer, wholesaler, transport firm, renter, manufacturer, etc.).

A non-professional advertiser is an individual or legal entity and holder of an account, the principal activity of which is not the sale or rental of equipment/vehicles (e.g. a farmer, farm work company, public works company, cooperative, private individual).

Note that if you select a non-professional activity when creating your account, this means that the sale or rental of equipment/vehicles is not your main activity.

Otherwise, if your principal activity is the sale or rental of equipment/vehicles, in application of Article L 132-2 of the Consumer Code which sanctions misleading commercial practice, you run the risk of 2 years in prison and a 300,000 euro fine.

2.Classified ad classification criteria

2.1 Classified ads are broken down into categories:
  • For the Agriaffaires site:
    • Farming
    • Wine production
    • Forestry
    • Handling/lifting
    • Green areas and related machinery
    • Public works

  • For the MachineryZone site:
    • Public works
    • Handling/lifting
    • Vehicles/lorries
    • Forestry equipment
    • Green area equipment
    • Farm equipment

  • For the Truckscorner site:

      Each category is divided into subcategories.

      2.2 Classified ads are sorted in chronological order.

      The last ad published in a category will appear first on the results page of the ads in the category selected. It is possible to filter ads within each subcategory, based on the following criteria:

      • Type of ad
      • Keywords
      • Make
      • Model
      • Year
      • Price
      • Country
      • Postcode/town/city
      • Max. distance

      These criteria are liable to vary according to the subcategory concerned.

      2.3 Subscribing to the "top of list" publication option affects the classification of classified ads.
      Subscribing to the "top of list" publication option enables an advertiser to move its ad up the list.

      This option enables professional advertisers to move an ad up:
      • once, immediately after publication of the ad;
      • once, a week after the ad is onlined, provided the ad is still online;
      • once a day until the ad is deleted by the advertiser or the ad is withdrawn/deleted;
      • once a week until the ad is deleted by the advertiser or the ad is withdrawn/deleted;
      • once a month until the ad is deleted by the advertiser or the ad is withdrawn/deleted.

      This option enables non-professional advertisers to move an ad up:
      • once, immediately after publication of the ad;
      • once a week after the ad has been onlined, provided the ad is still onlin;
      • once a day for two (2) weeks;
      • once a week for four (4) weeks;
      • once a week for eight (8) weeks;
      • once a week until the ad is deleted by the advertiser or the ad is withdrawn/deleted;
      • once a month until the ad is deleted by the advertiser or the ad is withdrawn/deleted.

      A "top of list" icon, visible for twenty-four (24) hours from activation of the option, informs other users that the ad is benefitting from this option.
    • 3.Some recommendations for submitting a classified ad:

      3.1 The classified ad text
      The ad text must describe the product/equipment/vehicle/service in the ad. The text of the same ad cannot propose several items.

      It is prohibited to:

      • submit the same ad in several departments and/or categories;
      • have the same ad several times simultaneously on the site. You must delete an old ad before inserting a new one relating to the same item;
      • insert a link directly or indirectly to an Internet site other than ours in the title and/or description of the ad;
      • indicate a URL address in the pictures inserted in your ad;
      • submit an ad of a publicity nature (any profession);
      • submit an ad contrary to the provisions of regulations and the law;
      • submit an ad of a political, sectarian, discriminatory, or sexist nature, etc.;
      • submit an ad in a département (county) other than the one where the item covered by the ad is located;
      • use a picture that is not representative of the item in the ad;
      • insert a video link redirecting the viewer to a video that does not describe the item in the ad;
      • use the same picture to illustrate several ads.

      3.2. The classified ad must offer one item only
      Each ad must offer only one "item or service” for sale and/or rental.

      However, you may indicate in the ad comments that several identical pieces of equipment/vehicles are available (same make, model and year). Nonetheless, there must not be a detailed description of them in the comments section of the ad.
      • Example of an authorised comment: “2 items available”

      Exceptions: we allow several items to be described in an ad, solely for:

      • spare parts of the same machine
      • storage equipment
      • lots of identical equipment. Be careful, the price for an equipment lot must be a total price, a per item price will be refused.

      3.3 The classified ad must be submitted in the corresponding category
      Ads must be submitted in the category corresponding to the "item or service” offered for sale and/or rental.

      Should your item or service not enter into any specific category, select the "miscellaneous" category present in each category.

      3.4 All compulsory fields must be completed when your classified ad is submitted
      All the fields marked with an asterisk ”*” on the ad submission form are compulsory fields that must be completed to validate your ad.

      Should the make of your equipment, size of tires of your vehicle or the breed of your animal not be on the list, please make a request when you submit your ad by inserting a picture of your "item or service" with the make apparent to facilitate validation of your ad.

      Please complete all the fields indicated when you submit your ad, even the optional fields, in order to give potential purchasers and/or renters maximum details.

      3.5. Comments must provide additional information on the "item or service" covered by the classified ad.
      Comments must not contain the following elements:

      • Internet addresses directing to web sites, forums or social networks other than ours, etc;
      • phone numbers or email addresses;
      • event publicity (open days, special offers, sales days);
      • details of the seller's activity (for example: distributor of the following makes ../ ) ;
      • other items offered for sale, references to another sales or search ad ( for example: "also sell", "searching for") ;
      • proposals to exchange one item for another;
      • denigrating, offensive and/or discriminatory comments about another user, advertiser, competitor, make or other.

      3.6 The main picture of the classified ad should only illustrate the content proposed.
      Pictures of the item offered for sale or rent from a brochure or magazine or pictures of plans such as drawings, technical data sheets or specifications can only be inserted as secondary pictures.

      Inserted pictures must represent the item for sale and may not be used to illustrate several ads.

      It is prohibited to insert pictures containing:
      • logos (except for small logos that do not conceal the "item or service" covered by the ad and are not too imposing)
      • representations with no link to the offer proposed
      • publicity and/or indications/invitations to events
      • screen captures and/or comments.

      Pictures taken from the Internet or manufacturer sites are subject to intellectual property rights and must be used with the authorisation of the owner. The advertiser will be held liable for any unlawful use of pictures.

      亚博国际平台注册亚博体育app官方iosyabo亚博体育 A classified ad with a picture is viewed 5 times more often than one without a picture and an ad with 10 pictures is viewed 15 times more than an ad with only one picture. On Agriaffaires, MachineryZone and Truckscorner, you can insert up to 10 photos when you submit your ad, at no extra cost. From now on, you can rotate and re-frame your pictures as you wish.

      3.7 Video links
      The video links inserted into a classified ad must redirect the viewer to a video only showing the equipment/vehicle covered by the ad. The video must be produced by the advertiser.

      Consequently, an advertiser cannot insert a link in its ad redirecting the viewer to a video made by the manufacturer or distributor of the equipment/vehicle covered in the ad.

      It is prohibited to mention the following in the video:
      • an Internet addess of a web site, forum or other social network, etc ;
      • a phone number;
      • an email address;
      • details of the advertiser's activity, makes in particular ;
      • an event (open day, special offer or sale days)

      3.8 Classified ads for new equipment/vehicles
      Any equipment or vehicle that has been used for the equivalent of under 20 hours or 50 km (exhibition/demonstration equipment) is considered as new.

      Equipment/vehicles will be considered as used when traces/signs of wear are present. An ad for new equipment/vehicles must:
      • contain a picture of the equipment/vehicle which must correspond to the picture of the machine in the seller's fleet. The ad may include pictures of the equipment/vehicle offered for sale or rental, taken from a brochure or magazine or pictures of plans (drawings, technical data sheets or specifications) - these are only authorised as secondary pictures.
      • offer equipment/vehicles immediately available.

      For spare parts, the insertion of a catalogue picture is tolerated.

      For France, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland:
      • Equipment/vehicle manufacturers and importers are not authorised to publish new equipment/vehicle ads.

      3.9 To submit a classified ad for a rental, the advertiser must:
      • have an account on the Agriaffaires, MachineryZone and/or Truckscorner sites;
      • propose one vehicle/piece of equipment per ad;
      • select the "type of rental" field;
      • indicate whether or not the rental includes a driver;
      • indicate the hourly rental price;

      Only vehicles/equipment can be offered for rent.

      3.10 To deposit a search ad, the advertiser should:
      • Select the category which the equipment sought belongs to;
      • Specify the equipment or service sought in the ad title
      • Indicate only one equipment or service in the ad

      In the ad, it is prohibited to:
      • Insert proposals for sales and/or services or professional services.
      • Insert advertising and/or the name of a company.
      • Indicate a phone number, an email address, an instant messenger address or web address.

      3.11 Special diffusion rules for certain categories:

      3.11.1 Animals

      For any classified ad offering animals for sale, advertisers are prohibited from referring to events such as fairs, exhibitions, open days, etc.

      • Classified Ad Regulations: Dogs

        In this category, only classified ads for the sale of dogs linked to the farming activity may be deposited (e.g. shepherd dogs, hunting dogs, etc.) As per Article L214-8 of the Rural Code, your classified ad must contain the following compulsory information:

        • The age of the animals or their date of birth;
        • Whether or not the animal is a pedigree and registered with the L.O.F. (French Kennel Club),
        • The registration number of each animal sold or the registration number of the bitch which gave birth to the animals;
        • The number of animals in the litter,
        • The tatoo number of each puppy or, failing this, the tatoo number of the mother of the puppies
        • Any animal sold or given away free of charge must be tatooed and vaccinated: indicate the wording "tatooed and vaccinated"."

        It is prohibited to acquire, sell or give away free of charge category 1 attack dogs, that is to say, dogs not registered in a genealogical book recognised by the Ministry of Agriculture, assimilated by their morphological characteristics to dogs of the following species:

        • Staffordshire terrier and American Staffordshire terrier (these two types of dogs are commonly known as "pit-bulls")
        • Mastiff, commonly known as "boer-bulls"
        • Tosa.

      • Farm animals
        Each classified ad may only concern one animal except in the case of the sale of a herd of the same species.

      3.11.2 Real estate

      • Energy Performance Diagnosis:

        All classified ads relating to the proposed sale or rental of property, whether for use as a main residence or for a principal use other than a residence (e.g. offices) must specify the letter corresponding to the reference scale for the energy and greenhouse gas emission classification attributed in the Performance Diagnosis performed by a certified technician.

      • Property sale ads published by a professional property advertiser:

        If fees are to be paid by the purchaser, the advertiser must specify the following in his ad:
        • the VAT portion of the fees payable by the purchaser must be shown as a percentage of the agreed price separate from the fees;
        • the selling price inclusive of the fees must be indicated and is the one to be displayed first to the consumer. The price not including fees must also be displayed in the ad.

        If the fees are payable solely by the seller, only the selling price excluding fees should be mentioned. In any event, details of the split of fees between purchaser and seller must be given in any sale ad.

      • Farm land rental ads published by a professional property advertiser:

        Article 4 of the Order dated 10th January 2017, requires certain details to be present in all non-seasonal rental ads for property, that is to say, for a period of over 90 days.
        These details are:
        • The monthly rental including charges;
        • Rental charges;
        • The additional rent for districts subject to supervision requirements (Paris and Lille);
        • The amount of the deposit;
        • Whether or not the rented property is furnished, as applicable;
        • The total amount of the agency fees payable by the tenant;
        • The portion of the fees due for the official inventory;
        • the district in which the rented property is located;
        • the number of square meters of living space rented.

      3.11.3 Services provided (excluding transport)

      Farm services : only classified ads submitted by farmers and private individuals are accepted in this category.

      Entrepreneur services: only farm work companies and professionals registered with the Authorities are accepted.

      Pursuant to French Ministry for Agriculture circular DGPAAT/SDEA/C2011-3032 dated 27/04/2011, GAEC, EARL and SCEA entities (groupings, ltd. companies, etc.) are not authorised to submit ads in the "Service Provision" category.

      Ads offering the transportation of machines are not accepted in this category.

      3.11.4 Saved farm seeds

      Pursuant to Decree N° 81-605 dated 18 May, 1981 (amended), the sale of saved farm seeds is prohibited. You are only authorised to offer certified seeds - this detail must be indicated in your classified ad.

      3.11.5 Phytosanitary Products

      Since the distribution of phytosanitary products is subject to approval by the appropriate Authorities, any classified ad offering these products for sale must indicate the Authorisation N° issued to the advertiser by the said Authorities.

      4.Right to withdraw and guarantee

      From 1 January, 2018, non-professional advertisers must indicate in the comment section of their classified ads whether or not they propose the right for the purchaser to withdraw.
      When equipment or a service is proposed by a non-professional:

      • if no indication is given in the ad, the purchaser will not have the right to withdraw and may therefore not be entitled to request the reimbursement or exchange of the property or service proposed by the seller;
      • The purchaser will not have the benefit of (i) the legal guarantee of the conformity of the equipment mentioned in Articles L. 217-4 et seq of the Consumer Code or (ii) the latent defects guarantee set out in Articles 1641 et seq of the Civil Code.